May 172014

Finally, after one year of searching we finally exchanged contracts on the new house last Wednesday, 15th May!

I am relieved.  Now that contracts are exchanged the house is effectively ours, or at least it will be in 3 weeks time when the mortgage is released and we complete.

This last year has been exceptionally painful.  We’ve seen the worst that the London housing market has to offer.  Buying in a sellers is not much fun.  Gazumping, sealed bids, estate agents telling porkies, failed surveys, and open days where we have queued for 30 minutes with over 70 other people just to get into a house.  It has been generally horrific and has eaten up almost every weekend for the last 12 months.

Now finally that part is over, and the new work begins.  From here my weekends will be spent digging the garden and doing up the house.  Can’t wait to get started!