Our house projects for the first 6 months


Every month we try and set aside enough money for one larger job, or purchase.

It’s satisfying getting things done, though we’d like to move quicker

Month Project or purchase
Jun-14 Painted halls, lounge and kitchen with help from Mum and Anne.  Fitted new shower pump.  Fixed electric shower.  Fixed leak.  Bought new washing machine and dryer (thanks Mum)
Jul-14 Fitted new alarm system.  Bought humidifier
Aug-14 Lots of gardening, with help from Adam.  Bought tools, hedge trimmer etc.  Home & music system automation started.  New bed and mattress for loft room
Sep-14 Cleaned all gutters.  Redecorated and furnished loft room.  Fixed and replaced outside driveway lights.  New hoover.  New top-end smoke alarms.  Some house automation.
Oct-14 Fitted some high quality new curtains (Thanks David W!). Had a house-warming party for the family.  Unfortunately it rained heavily so had to cancel the BBQ and do it indoors.  Main job was fixing the heating system before the cold weather sets in.
Nov-14 Added Fernox magnetic filter to central heating system, plus repaired various leaks and replaced isolation valves.  Refurbished the office.  New carpets in the office and in the loft room.
Automated the heating and hot water controls using z wave
Dec-14 PLAN –  Woodworm treatment, re-insulation under floorboards and replace woodworm damaged boards
ACTUAL – Bought corner sofa.  Got boiler serviced.  Had our Xmas party.  Cleaned up under the crawl space to try and find sources of damp in the lounge chimney breast.  Got Power flush done and installed a new pump.  
Jan-15 PLAN –  Start lounge work.  Fit new working fireplace.  Fit picture rail.  Paint.  Buy sofas, side tables, lamps, coffee table.
ACTUAL – Painted study.  New carpets.  Painted all woodwork.  Added shelves. 
Feb-15 PLAN –  Paint new master bedroom.  Fit fireplace and picture rail.  Buy cupboard and bed.  New carpet
ACTUAL – Painted the top floor spare room and the spare bathroom.  Had a new loft access point put in so that could access the insulation for the loft room walls.
Repaired woodwork on outside toilet.  Repaired bathroom door that wouldn’t shut.
Mar-15 PLAN –  Sand and varnish all floors downstairs.  Fit rug in lounge
ACTUAL – Eli’s study / spare room.  Filled all cracks.  Painted all, including ceiling.
Apr-15 PLAN –  Start on the garden
ACTUAL – Lots of odd jobs. Fixed leaking toilet in main bathroom.  Fixed leaking downpipe.  More garden clearing and spraying.
Cut down the big bamboo plant that had gone mad and destroyed the patio.
New power cable to kitchen extractor fan
Lots more home automation including most lights on the first floor.
May-15 PLAN –  Drive and garden
ACTUAL – Repaired the outside front wall by chipping off the old render, re-rendering with cement and then painting.  Added dark grey coping stones on top to keep the rain off.
Got engaged.
Lots of garden cutting including pulling off Ivy and spraying weeds and ground elder with glyphosate
Jun-15 PLAN – Start on the garden
ACTUAL – Painted outside toilet.  Fixed poor render.  Patched.
Lots more garden work to try and clear it and start to redesign.  Added new shelves in cellar to increase storage space for tools.
Jul-15 PLAN – Get garden design done.  Tile the outside bathroom.
ACTUAL – Made a new compost heap.  Lots of digging, with help from Dad.  Lifted patio to try to kill bamboo.  Relayed some of surface.  Put up more shelving under house.  Finished outside toilet, except the tiles
Aug-15 PLAN – Start on the garden works
ACTUAL – Engagement/Summer party.  Removed three large trees at base of garden and ground out stumps.  Started on garden layout by plotting it in Sketchup
Sept-15 PLAN – Start on the garden works.  Paint fence.
ACTUAL – Repaired the render on the garage.  Started to paint the pebbledash.  What a pain!  Painter came to do the woodwork on outside of house and garage.
Oct-15 PLAN – Design the lounge and get started.  Insulate loft
ACTUAL – Fitted new black guttering to garage. Looks better. Fitted clothes line. Repaired door to back hallway. 
Nov-15 PLAN – Start on the lounge, including new fireplace


List of jobs and house projects to finish by end of the 2015:

  • Treat the woodworm
  • Sand floor
  • Fit old Victorian fireplace in lounge
  • Home automation
  • Decorate inside
  • Repair and repaint garage
  • Repair and clean patios
  • Fit and move into new master room
  • Fit all curtains
  • Repair the fence post in drive, and paint the whole fence
  • Insulate the loft walls and ceiling
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